Turnhalle for sale!

The Turnhalle building in Lawrence, Kansas is now ready for sale.

LPA’s intention since purchasing the property on September 25, 2012 has always been to be an interim owner that could stabilize the structure, provide a preservation study for the building’s rehabilitation, and place a protective easement on the property. These tasks are now complete!

Thanks to a $125,000 Natural and Cultural Heritage Program grant from the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners, LPA has been able to surpass its initial goal and begin phase 1 of the Turnhalle rehabilitation. This work (a combination of tasks which will stop current water infiltration issues), will be complete in early May.

LPA is seeking proposals from individuals or groups interested in buying the property and completing the rehab. Prospective buyers will need to carefully review two important documents: the Historic Structures Report and the Preservation Easement Document, before they complete the Request for Proposals for Purchase of Turnhalle.

LPA will begin evaluating proposals on March 10, 2014 and reserves the right to accept or reject any proposals. LPA will evaluate proposals until it chooses a buyer to pursue a sales agreement with.

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