726 Louisiana Street


Susan and Mitchell Chaney have been involved in several rehabilitation projects, including the Eldridge Hotel and 742 Indiana St. In 2015, they were walking their dogs by 726 Louisiana while an open house was in progress. As they toured the house, they decided that it should be their next project.

The front of the house, facing Louisiana, was not significantly changed on the inside. On the exterior, the front door and damaged trim were replaced, and storm windows were added.Walls and floor were restored and repaired and the entire interior was repainted. All but a few of the original doors and hardware were used. The entire outside of the house was stripped of all its old paint and repainted.

The Chaneys hired Mark Engleman as their contractor and began the renovation project while continuing to live at 742 Indiana. Paul Van Saun was the major restorer/painter.

The Chaneys told us they love their new home and the Old West Lawrence neighborhood.