JE Stubbs Building, 1101 Massachusetts Street

One of the most architecturally significant corners in downtown Lawrence is in the finishing stages of a major rehabilitation. 1101 Massachusetts, which shares a corner with the Douglas County Courthouse and the Watkins Bank building, is benefitting from a new ownership group: 1101 Mass LLC.

 After purchase, the group’s initial evaluation revealed a second floor so cobbled together with retrofitted small office and bath spaces that the resulting weight was straining what the building’s original structure could safely support. Worse, some framing components of the original structure were compromised during installation of these offending elements. Outside, original architectural detail in both stone and wood had been removed to allow for historically inappropriate façade coverings.

Now, with the help of project architect Chris Cunningham of TreanorHL and general contractor Mar Lan Construction, interior structural repairs are complete, and the façade has been rebuilt to bring back the original detail. Two first-floor interior spaces await tenants (Mass. St. Soda is moving back into the third one it previously occupied), and the upstairs soon will be ready for office use.

No original wood windows were harmed during the production of this rehab, and the project team chose to confine their work to the original footprint of this historic space. These are things that get the attention of the LPA Board! Congratulations to everyone involved in this important downtown project.